ALLURE Reed Diffuser Liquid Refill

ALLURE Reed Diffuser Liquid Refill

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Luscious bergamot and sultry musk entice and lure, while warm amber smolders in the background.

Natural essential oils:
bergamot, cognac, smokey amber

MODE reed diffusers provide a no-flame, elegant aromatic experience using our uniquely crafted oils. The absorbent reeds provide long-lasting fragrance artfully displayed in our signature vessel.

Size: 4.75 FL. OZ.
Collection: MODE Main Collection
Details: Environmentally sourced reeds included. Pure essential oil and natural fragrance oils.  Diffuser liquid refill solution is free of phthalates, sulfates, and parabens.

To use: Remove used reeds from (previously owned) MODE reed diffuser vessel, empty any leftover liquid contents from diffuser vessel.  Unscrew cap of new refill liquid and carefully pour the refill  inside the MODE reed diffuser vessel. Replace vessel cap, turning clockwise until the ribbon with wax seal, attached to the cap, is centered on a triangle of the geometric bottle. Place reeds into the vessel - the number of reeds used will determine the desired level of fragrance.  Allow reeds to absorb the oil for 24-48 hrs and the fragrance will then begin to diffuse the air.

For a more intense infusion, more reeds may be added, and the reeds may be flipped to immerse the opposite ends, extending the life of the diffuser. Enjoy!